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Ron J. Ponder is the founder and partner at The Ponder Group, specializing in technology, large scale systems implementation, strategy, governance, and information security. In this role and at the request of the Secretary of Commerce, beginning in 2008, he  has provided advice and counsel related to the restructuring and re-planning of the 2010 Census. He is currently assisting the Census Bureau in restructuring their CIO organization and developing a multi-year technology, security and management plan.

Preceding this, Mr. Ponder led the transformation of the Information Technology organization at the New York Department of Education (DOE), where he designed and introduced an IT strategy, organization and governance structure that enabled the DOE to continue its focus on large, educational reforms and programs in a more secure environment.

Prior to this, Mr. Ponder was Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer for WellPoint, Inc. Mr. Ponder was responsible for developing and leading the execution of this newly-merged company's enterprise information technology strategy, including systems evaluation and integration, architecture, software development, computer operations, telecommunications management and user support services. In addition, Mr. Ponder implemented a comprehensive, policy-based, end-to-end security program for the enterprise.

Before joining WellPoint, Mr. Ponder was President and CEO of Telecom, Media & Networks Americas, a Cap Gemini Ernst & Young company. He was part of the senior management team that created a globally focused joint venture with Cisco Systems. He established the JV as a separate business entity and was a member of its Board of Directors. During each of his three years at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Mr. Ponder's BU was that company's top revenue producer. Cap Gemini Group acquired Beechwood Data Systems in 1999, where Mr. Ponder was chief executive officer from 1997.

Prior to joining Beechwood, he served as executive vice president of operations and service management for AT&T from 1996 to 1997 and as senior vice president and chief information officer from 1993 to 1996. While at AT&T, he was responsible for all customer operations, including customer service and enterprise security, AT&T's voice and data networks and the company's information technology and development organizations. At Sprint Corporation from 1991 to 1993, he served as executive vice president of information technology and networks for long distance, local and cellular service operations.

Before Sprint, he spent 17 years at Federal Express where he spearheaded the development of some of the most critical innovations in the overnight package industry, including the electronic package tracking and tracing system and the expansion of the Memphis package sorting facility.

Dr. Ponder holds a Doctorate in Information Systems and Operations Research from Mississippi State University, a Master of Business Administration from Louisiana Polytechnic University and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and Finance from the University of Southern Arkansas.

Since 1995, Dr. Ponder has served on the Board of Trustees of Atlantic Health Systems and was formerly a member of the Board of Directors for Lincoln Financial Group. He also serves on other private and academic boards.

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